• Amy Murray

Window Art/Display!

Remember our workshop that we renovated with a bit of paint?

Well we didn't stop there....

Here's phase 2 - Window art/display using Window Film

If you're new to Window film, it's a vinyl that lets you create a sense of privacy while letting plenty of light through but it can also be used in fun ways to transform windows and doors.

Just like this!

You can find window film in most diy stores, it's relatively cheap and easy to apply and available in various designs. We used the White Rice Paper effect, available here:


And once we realised that it cut well in our silhouette machine, well, let's just say we our creativity ran away with us. We used it on windows ...

on doors....

And on mirrors too!

Would love to see what projects you're all up too. Let's inspire each other, keep our spirits up and most importantly stay safe.


Nothing lasts forever xx

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