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Turn Tin Cans into Plant Pots!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

With so much waste created in just one household (even the recycling bin ends up full to the brim by the time it's ready to be collected) it's nice to put some of it to good use.

Make your own plant pots from recycled tin cans!

These are great to pot any plant in but for those that love using fresh herbs they're perfect to place on the windowsill ready to be picked when needed.

What you need:

Tin cans - Empty, washed and labels removed

Acrylic Spray paint - I used Montana Spray

Handful of gravel - or something similar to add to the bottom for drainage

Compost & Herbs/Plants - your choice!

Name Tags - handwritten or use vinyl decals

1. Make sure to clean your tin inside and out, removing any labels.

2. Once dry, you can spray them in whatever colour you like! I used Marble (7010), Roof (7050) and White (S9100)

3. Add a handful of gravel to the bottom for drainage purposes and pot your choice of plants/herbs.

Don't forget to label them - either write on the side with a marker or feel free to purchase the vinyl decals here..

Water & Enjoy!

Top Tip - Not sure when to water? Just pick them up and if they feel light, give them enough water until the tins are heavy again x

Please note this post contains Affiliated Links but this does not affect our recommendations or suggestions. We are 100% committed to looking for ways of helping the environment, any purchases made via our links are just an added bonus!

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