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All Natural Sunscreen - safe for your skin, safer for the environment!

Here in the UK we don't tend to get much sunny weather but when we do it arrives quick, lasts in short spells and tends to be hot!  And that's when we're most likely to get burnt :) 

So this year I was determined to be prepared not only to protect my skin but also to find a product that would be kinder to the environment.

And here it is...


Made with 4 natural ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Zinc Oxide, all packaged in an aluminium tin and not a plastic bottle!

Available in a small tester 15ml @ £3.75* each

or Medium Size

100ml @ £9.75* each (as pictured)

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

I decided to test this product to the max so I took it away with me to a country where the UV levels were high, and it protected me just as well if not better than any other high street brand I'd ever used before.

A great natural alternative.

Application review

It is advertised as a sunscreen but I would personally describe it more of a sun block.  It's not a lotion but a thick cream with bits in (zinc oxide clumps) so my top tip is to let the cream warm up a little before you apply and it'll make it easier to rub on.  Due to the waxy nature of it , it can also leave a slight white residue on top of the skin which can be easily reduced the more you rub but to me it was a great visual sign of where I'd applied and where I'd missed so this wasn't a problem at all!

Top tip: leave the tin in the sun to warm it up and it's easier to apply ;) 

Although this product is not tested for water resistance, I did everything I would normally using any other sunscreen including swimming in the sea and pool and 'Shade All-Natural Sunscreen' continued to protect my skin as good as any other leading brand.  Of course just like any other sunscreen it is recommended to reapply regularly but unlike other lotions that can be absorbed into the skin this one creates a waxy barrier that you can actually see working when you come into contact with water.

The only downside that bothered my children was that it doesn't have that 'holiday' smell to it.  You know that sunshine in a bottle smell, that reminds you of sun, sea, sand and vacation!  You'd think that as it contains coconut oil it will smell lovely and coconut-ty but.......  it doesn't.  It's all natural ingredients and classed as unscented, however if I was to describe it's aroma I would say it has a waxy smell -  not offensive but not very appealing to my fussy kids.

Like I tell them - it's main purpose is to protect the skin and that's exactly what it does.

How long did it last?

To be honest when I bought the 100ml tin I really didn't think it would last 1 person any longer than a week but I was extremely surprised!  I  guess it all depends on the surface area and how many times you apply the product but I used it daily (UK dress size 10-12) for 2 weeks and there is still half a tin left.  During the same time my teenage children (around the same size as me) managed to get through 1x 200ml bottle of sunscreen spray EACH and 1x 236ml bottle of lotion.  I'll let you do the maths but it works out a lot cheaper on your pocket when using 'Shade All-Natural Sunscreen'. :)

'Cheaper on your pocket, safer for the environment'


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