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Success with Eco Friendly Shampoo!

It's literally taken me months to find but, boy, am I glad I didn't give up!

With a house full of teenagers, shampoos and conditioners are something that we get through a lot of! Which means a lot of plastic bottles along with a lot of products containing palm oil.

So what about Soap Bars?

This was my first trial and disappointingly not a product for me. I personally found that these left a waxy, literally 'squeaky clean', hair afterwards which left me applying a more than usual hefty amount of conditioner, which kind of defeated the object. Maybe I wasn't applying it the correct way or maybe I was using the wrong method but it just wasn't for me.

So back to square one found me searching the internet for yet again another eco friendly product when I happened to come across Peace with the Wild. This online store has a whole range of products from different suppliers, ranging from personal products to cleaning products to products on the go to products that are all eco-friendly!

That's where I found.... Beauty Kubes.

These are small cubes which you crumble in the palm of your hand, add a little water to make into a paste and then apply to your hair and wash as you would normally. And guess what? The shampoo cubes actually lather like a liquid, leave your hair feeling clean and smelling fresh AND are vegan friendly and palm oil free!

Tried the conditioner cubes too and are really pleased with the results. So much so that I'll be ordering the body wash and the mens cubes next!

The only down side is that they are more expensive than the plastic bottled products but unfortunately I guess we are now, literally in every sense, paying the price for our plastic mistakes x

(Hope you found this useful - please feel free to comment, add your experiences of becoming a plastic free household and together we can help each other make that change)

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