• Amy Murray

Protein without the Plastic Packaging!

Most of the disposable plastic in our household comes from the weekly food shop so trying to reduce THAT has become a mission!

First to tackle is the fresh meat produce...

Living a busy lifestyle means that trying to get that dreaded weekly food shop done (ideally as quickly as possible) relies heavily on dashing around a one stop shop - mainly a supermarket where pre-packaged meat is more often than not in disposable plastic. Even though I always put the plastic trays that the meat comes in into the recycling bin I've only recently discovered that the black trays are hard to recycle. So rather than buying from the shelf I thought I'd be clever and try the supermarket meat counter (the one I always bypassed in my mad supermarket dash!). Unfortunately, even purchasing meat there, ends up coming home in a throwaway plastic bag!

So off I trotted to my local butchers to see if they could help me with my pledge to reduce disposable plastic when purchasing meat. And with great delight THEY COULD! All I needed when buying meat from them was to provide a clean container that they could put the meat in and, hey presto, no more throwaway packaging!

'But it's a PLASTIC CONTAINER' I hear you cry. Yes it is but it's a REUSABLE plastic container :) So don't be shy, have a chat with your local butcher and find out if they're willing to do the same. Support your local butcher whilst reducing disposable plastic. WIN-WIN x

Think Reusable - Not Disposable

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