• Amy Murray

Part 1 - Plastics in the Home

A new year brings a new start and frame of mind on trying to reduce the amount of single-use, throwaway plastic we use in our home.

You've all heard the news, seen David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' TV series (if you haven't it's a must!) and probably experienced for yourself the amount of plastic litter that appears on roadsides, beaches and maybe even blown into your own garden. Quite frankly, plastic is a threat to our environment which is made worse by the single-use plastic we casually chuck away everyday, for which I am guilty of too.

So the question is: Can we live without those everyday plastic disposable items that we rely on for quickness and ease? I'm positive we can and maybe even save some money along the way! So why not join me on my journey to try and do just that. I'll be blogging my experiences, sharing my alternative findings with you and maybe even changing the way you feel about 'Plastics in the Home' too (hopefully).

Think Reusable - Not Disposable...


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